Back to School lunch box ideas!


As summer holidays slowly draw to an end, it’s time once again to brace for the chaos that comes with preparing kids to head back to school!


And if ironing school uniforms, covering books and helping with grade 3 math isn’t enough to make your head spin, the thought of packing school lunches that come home just as they left, surely is.


Between avoiding foods that cause deadly allergies and the uncountable varieties of sugar packed lunch box snacks, preparing appropriate and appetising lunches, really is one of the more tedious parental tasks.


And now more than ever the metaphor “to eat with your eyes” is relevant among all ages, not just the gram’ loving digital natives taking snaps of their every meal, but little people and their packed lunch as well.


Luckily enough, there are a variety of ways to make school lunches delicious, nutritious, snack and snap worthy, but most importantly quick and easy!


  1. Preparation is key! Why not bake a double batch of savoury muffins or fruit filled cookies that can be divided into servings and frozen for later.


 Tip: If egg is a no-go why not replace it with a little yogo.. well natural yogurt to be exact. With 1/4 cup of natural yogurt a fitting substitute per 1 egg.


  1. Cut shapes! Not on the dance floor, but out of sandwiches and fruit. It makes it easier for little fingers to pick up & also adds a little fun factor.


Tip: By cutting a variety of basic shapes  you avoid wastage and also save on expensive sandwhich cutters, alternatively use old cookie cutters!


  1. Double Dip! Actually don’t, that’s kinda gross. But let your big or little kids pick 2 dips they enjoy and alternate each day, serving in a small re-usable container with carrot sticks, green beans, rice crackers or whatever their fave dip dunker is.



Tip: Dips like Hommus and avocado can be used as a spread on crackers or bread for DIY lunch making kits for older kids, with cheese, tomato and other toppings. It encourages independence and avoids soggy sandwhiches.


  1. Not all pre-packaged food is terrible, with many low fat, no added sugar and gluten free foods available, why not stock up on some wholesome faves for days when you aren’t quite up to adulting.


*We’ve all been there.*


Tip: Just because a food is stocked in the health food aisle doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. Check the ingredients listed on the back, anything overly hard to understand or listed as a numeral, is probably best to avoid.


  1. Rice Rice baby! Well rice rice paper to be exact. Fill rice paper rolls with your child’s favourite foods, from tuna and cucumber, to avocado and ham, or seasonal fruit as an alternative to sandwhiches. It looks as good as it tastes!


Tip: Have your child help soak the rice paper and fill the rolls, it allows them to use fine motor skills and their little-nimble-kids-sized fingers help you get the job done quickly.


  1. Tuckshop it like it’s hot! At the end of the day, allowing kids to have tuckshop once in a while is by no means the end of the world. They often have a range of healthy alternatives that are made to order, making them equally as fresh and healthy as what you give them!


Tip: You’re human. All humans get sick of packing lunches (it’s an unwritten law).. don’t feel bad, get mad .. excited that you just got a day off and you’re kids will be equally as pumped.


Of course there are also a range of rubbish free lunch boxes available for every age, stage and budget. Not only will they help you to be environmentally responsible but also prevent food touching ... and lord knows, hell hath no fury like a 5 year old whose carrots mingled with their blueberries!


The Bento Five Unicorn available from Little Lunch Box Co.


You can check out a few of our faves at:



Little Lunch Box Co.

Love Mae Studio



Cotton On Kids


Good luck,

May the (knife and) fork be with you!


Love Two Darlings x

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