Introducing... Darling Dollars!!

Darling Dollars!

We LOVE our customers and it makes us sooo happy when we see names popping up again and again in our order list (yes we do notice!)
We have decided to introduce a loyalty program to give back to all the beautiful people who are so loyal to our brand and continue to buy again and again!
Introducing.... Darling Dollars! (Cheesy? maybe.. but we couldn't go past it once it came to mind ;-) )
All you have to do is create an account with our website and then every $1 you spend you will accrue 1 Darling Dollar (DD). Save them up to redeem special offers! 100 DD gives Free Shipping off your next purchase,  250 DD for a $25 gift card and 500 DD for a $50 gift card!
You will see the little pop up in the bottom right corner of the website (see below) click on that to get started! You can then easily keep track of your Darling Dollars by clicking it and logging in, simple!
Comment below and tell us what you think of our new loyalty program! We hope you are just as excited as we are and we CAN'T WAIT until you all start redeeming your Darling Dollars! 
Much Love,
Two Darlings Team xx

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