Our Q & A with Corine from Mae + Rae

So we chatted to the lovely Corine who is the powerhouse behind Mae + Rae, a handmade childrens label selling bows and topknot headbands. There is no hiding the fact we are huge M+R lovers here and have now included them in our own store to compliment the Two Darlings label. 

Mae + Rae has only been around for a short time; 1 year! but in that time Corine has become one of the big guns in the IG world with already a following of over 20k behind her!

In addition to being a #mumboss, Corine is a mum of two beautiful girls; Clover and Talulah and is also a really kind, beautiful person and I'm so happy to have met her through the #igcommunity !


Ok lets get down to the nitty gritty!

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Who makes up your family? Where do you live?

 I'm Corine💁🏼 I've been married for nearly 4 years and have two beautiful girls - Clover is 3 + Talulah nearly 2!  We live in sunny Newcastle, NSW. 


What is your business and how did you start it?

My little biz is @mae_and_rae I make bows + topknots. I started almost exactly a year ago! Having my first girl was probably my biggest inspiration + finding something that allowed me to work from home to have more flexibility with the girls. 


Who inspires you and why?
I've been inspired by sooooo many amazing women, mums and business ladies since starting my business. They all work so hard, have incredible talents, raise kids and offer amazing friendships.

I'm really inspired by accounts who love to support others and who are consistently evolving + creating new and exciting things for there stores! I love @bonnie_and_harlow @toucan_ @parkerteeandco @heartmeluv @milkandcookiesbyjewels @frankiejonesthelabel

I could go on and on! Too many to list but I really love these accounts for there style, products and how there are always taking new and exciting steps in the creativeness + business's. 


 What exciting things are coming up for you? 

I'm working really hard on our mama range of topknots, our Autumn/Winter collection (love this season!) and also some amazing collabs with some other business's I can't wait to show people. I'm also upgrading my website to Shopify so currently battling that challenge🙈


What has been your biggest achievement / moment your most proud of in your business venture?
It's been such a fun and exciting year!! I'm really proud of how I've grown my brand and created my own style of product in the exact way I love - it makes me even more proud that people love it and support me too.


What is your favourite thing to do?(hobbies, interests, activities etc)

Besides bows and kids? Hhhmmmm I'm sure I have a husband I hang out with sometimes too🙈😂 When I do get spare time I'm a total beach girl, Sunday markets, music and I'm a sucker for a family dance off in the lounge room 👯 haha  


If you could give one tip to someone just starting / wanting to start in your industry, what would it be?
Create your own style and something you love and people will love it to! And reach out to people, connect with as many other lovely business people as you can - even just to say hi and let them know they inspire you! It helped me make some amazing friends + help my business grow 🙌🏻



Thanks for giving us a little look into your life Corine! You can check our Mae + Rae for yourself by click the links below!




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