Our Q & A with Georg from Winnie Dot

We sat down (virtually; of course) with the powerhouse mama behind Winnie Dot, the children's interiors brand taking Instagram by storm.

Georg gave us a sneak peak into her life and the reasonings behind what she does what she does! We talked about her family life and her tips for all us biz mama's out there having a go.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Georg! You can check out her stunning website and socials using the links at the bottom <3


winnie dot owner, George Woulfe


Winnie Dot is a shortened version of your beautiful Winslow’s name, but how, who and what was the inspiration for Winslow and Pascal’s given names?

When Dan and I found out we were having a girl, we would spend every night laying in bed scrolling baby name websites and nothing jumped out at us. We wanted something different but not a “made up” name. We stumbled across Winslow and fell in love. We love the nickname Winnie but always had the intention of calling her Winslow (Win for short). Dorothy is after my mum’s grandma. Pascal is a family name and was always on the top of our list. George obviously is named after me - we thought how often can a son take on his mother’s name.

Before becoming a mother, business owner and all around boss lady, what did you do for work and could you have imagined being in the position you are today?

When I was 17 I started my first business - I was a dance teach and owner a dance school. After building my business for 4 years someone offered to buy the dance school and it seemed like perfect timing. Once I fell pregnant, I knew I wanted to start a business that would allow me to stay at home with my baby. It started out as a hobby but very quickly turned into a full time operation.


What is your biggest business accomplishment and likewise, your greatest personal achievement? 

For business, it would have to be the hard work and time it took to implant the systems we have in place that means I can still be a hands on mum and continue to grow our family, while running a full-time company. As for personal, becoming a mum. SO cliche but oh so true!


Winnie Dot's beautiful Name Wall Mounts and Tulle Pom Pom Garlands.

You have spoken about “Mr. Woulfe” being a FIFO worker, do you have any tips for anyone about to undertake life with a FIFO partner? 

Routine and communication. I think this goes for any marriage/partnership. Making sure you invest time into your relationship everyday and wake up saying “I choose you”. Also, comparison kills! Never compete in your relationship. You both bring different and valuable things to make your family functions and to remember to show each other appreciation.

What are your tips for online business success and who is your idol in terms of business and success?

To be completely honest, I have no idol. I don't compare myself or business to another. I am happy running my own race and as long as I am achieving the goals I have set my myself, I am happy. I am all about supporting and empowering other women and business but I will never compare myself to them.

How long was it from when you started Winnie Dot, to the point where you felt like a success, and what drives you to keep going?

I was open for 10 weeks when I felt like this hobby could actually be SOMETHING. I love focusing on the little day to day wins so I can go to bed every night feeling some sort of success and achievement. What drives me to keep going is all the dreams I have, my passion for my business, my family (obviously) and my followers that I have connected with along the way.


All the heart eyes for their Doll House's

Aside from being a wife, mother and business owner, what do you do to wind down and clear your head?

I am a big believer in the hour of power. This is time in the morning I wake up before my children to take some much needed “me” time. This clears my head, I feel organised and my day starts relaxed. I spend this time either taking a shower and doing a beauty routine, doing a workout or some morning stretches or even gardening. I feel investing that little bit of time into yourself of a morning puts you in such a positive headspace, which in return makes me a better mum throughout the day.

How would you describe your personal style and what are some of your favourite local brands and businesses?

I think my wardrobe is filled with soft pastel colours - mainly pink (insert eye roll) FRILLS, don't even get me started on frills. I think it is quite girly but I have fun playing around with different styles and trying new things. I have lots of fav brands and LOVE finding new labels - I get so excited!

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

My husband, Dan! He has been away at work for the last couple of weeks and MY GOODNESS, the things I would do to sit down with him to just chat face to face.


Dan & Georg with the gorgeous Winslow and Pascal 


Winnie Dot Online






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